Guijuelo flavor

Quality, flavor, passion
and tradition

A life in the Iberian sector


Servi Delicias Ibéricas comes from more than three generations dedicated to the breeding, care and production of high quality Iberian products.

Located in La Tala (Guijuelo), in our pasture and our facilities, we take care of and control all stages of Iberian production to offer the best product. 

All processes are carried out under the same premise: offering the best product in relation to quality and price. 


“Caring for the pig and controlling the processes and details makes the difference in offering a good product.”


Iberian Quality Standard


At Servi we fully comply with the Iberian Quality Standard. This standard came into force on January 10, 2014 in order to regulate the sector and through which we differentiate products based on the pig's diet and breed type.

Considering food, a distinction is made between:

  • Acorn: These are products from pigs fed exclusively on acorns, herbs or other natural resources from the pasture.
  • field bait: products from pigs that, in addition to feeding on acorns and grasses, have also been fed with feed composed of cereals and legumes.
  • Bait: the pig has been fed with feed. 

 Regarding the differentiation by racial type, we can differentiate between 100% Iberian and Iberian.

  • 100% Iberian: This name is given when the pig has 100% of
    racial purity, that is, their parents are 100% Iberian.
  • Iberian:  for
    To call a product “Iberian” it must have at least 50% of racial purity. In Iberian products we differentiate between 75% Iberian breed products and
    products 50% Iberian breed.

By complying with these regulations, we ensure that we deliver the best possible product to the consumer, in addition to informing them of the origin and origin of the products they purchase. 

Whatever type of ham you prefer, you can find it at Servi.

A single formula

There are no magic formulas, but we have our own formula to guarantee the best product.

1. 100% Quality.

2. Unique flavor.

3. Passion. 

4. Tradition.



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